one tree love

There is a tall tree
in our backyard it stands
and it holds up the laundry line
with it's strong gnarled hands.

This is a tulip poplar they say, not your average tree to see around town.  I am a big fan of trees.  You may remember my previous post about the delight I have in all things woodland.  I love that how this tree towers over our backyard.  It's blooms come out and play all summer.. raining petals down on our lawn.

  They resemble lily pads floating in the vast blue sky. 
These flowers aren't very fragrant, but they are sweet buttery blooms to see through my kitchen window.  The trunk is carved full of deep twisted ridges.  You really should come check it out sometime.. it would take both our arms to hug it that's for sure. 

What's your favourite kind of tree?
Hug it for me.
Mel :o)

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  1. Its emerald leaves and bright, yellow flowers make a tulip poplar a very loveable tree! :) It’s a perfect sight especially in spring where the flowers bloom so dazzlingly beautiful.


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