confessions [of an artist] part.3.

Lately I've been working away on a few commissions.  Here's some custom 'lil' hoots' I made.  The detailing is different from my normal hoots as these were to be 'gender neutral' baby gifts - hence some fun yellow button eyes and sage green feet/beaks.  I still love these owls - and will merrily sew them for as long as people want them (even longer!).

My bird mobiles are getting eager to fly lately too.  I have a few commissions to work on now.  I always love hate the challenge of mixing and matching patterns and colours for each customer's taste.  If you're local.. you can still go buy them here too.

This sleepy.eyed wonder is pretty central to how quickly I get said commissions done.  I truly appreciate the patience of my customers/friends as they know my projects aren't usually pumped out rapidly (until I can train Azi to be my own lil' minion on a sewing machine).  
Azriel isn't my biggest challenge in finishing project though.  My confession: it's me.  I am the worst when it comes to motivation for commissioned projects.  It's not that I don't appreciate the business/busyness or enjoy the creating....  it just loses that motivating ingredient of 'freedom' and 'spontanaity' so often required to create.  This is why I could never be a professional artist/craftswoman...  the 'demand' to create would likely deflate the 'delight' to create.
Am I the only artist.crafter out there that struggles with this?
I could win an award for how I procrastinate.... sitting down to my sewing machine... and suddenly I grab other fabric to 'wing' a project for my daughter.  Getting ready to do a painting... and suddenly I'm upcycling something for my house instead.  You should see me fumbling around in my studio for distractions I can 'justify'... all the while muttering "suck it up buttercup" and get to work!

Don't worry friends, I will get these projects done.  I can do this.... focus ... focus.  Hey, look another pretty blog!  Ok, for real, I'm going to sew.... now.
Have a great day!
Mel :o)

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