stuck in a moment you can't (wait) to get out of..

Hello friends,

Can I just say how much I miss you... and the ability to post something... anything.. right now!  I am terribly sorry for this (hopefully brief) hiatus of blogging right now.  Our lap top power cord is pooched... and the postal service has literally 'locked out' our option of getting the new one we ordered weeks ago... sheesh!

I miss my lap top.  Though not having it has afforded other sweet moments.  Time to just sit on the couch and be still.  Time to take a long soak in the tub.  Time to just be with my Ben and my gal without the distraction of.. this online world.

I am eager to come back soon though,  until then - I may try to post meagerly from other friend's computers...  and there's lots to post when I do get back.  Thanks for your patience in all this.  

Hope you're having a great summer so far!
Mel :o)

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