tour our nest. [hallway edition].

 Here it is folks... the before and after of our hallway.  Before - *yawn*.. after - 'yesss!'.  If you read today's earlier post, you'd know how I got these frames ready.  It was a lot of fun picking meaningful prints, photos and objects to nestle into the frames.

 Seen here: (left) 1. a signed bird mask from my tour of Venice. 2. a wee feather on pretty paper.
3. damask square from one of our wedding cupcake tiers. 4. 'gag shot' from engagement pictures. 5. our daughter's torso shot with antique silver spoons from 'Granny'. 6. one of my favourite profiles from our chubber's early days... (think - Hitchcock meets Churchill).

 Detail shot of the silver spoons on a velvet board.  Little brown bulldog perched here too (my dream dog!).

 Okay, so I really thought myself crafty ingenious for this idea.. maybe it will inspire you too. I wanted to display this sweet old book of Romantic poems with Turner's illustrations .. without gluing or wrecking the book.  So, I stapled some thick lace ribbon to hold it against the backing.  Now you can remove.read.return it to the frame... fun, right?

 Come on up the stairs, Azriel will race you.  You can see a few more frames from here too.. like an old pipe of Ben's that I glued to a board.  And that flower wreath I made years ago with the flowers from my parent's wedding.

One of our cats, Mewsli, is here to guide you now.  She's just coming from the bathroom.. which you saw in the previous tour.  On the top floor of our hallway I painted a turquoise tree.  The wall colour is Benjamin Moore CC-260 (Butter Cream)... a golden tan colour.  I still need to actually buck up and paint the trim in Cloud White... some day.

Lastly, if you look waaaay up.  This sweet retro light fixture was here when we moved in.  What a treat... I wouldn't dream of taking it down.

So now you have toured our Master Bedroom.Studio... squeezed into our wee Bathroom... and strolled through some memories, and our hallway today.  More tours to come friends.  I believe Azriels room is next on the list. 
Tomorrow is Small Style thursday... stay tuned and see what we upcycled for Azi this time.

Mel :o)


  1. Looks great! Love the retro light color, awesome!

  2. I like it...and the shot with your daughter playing carefree at the bottom of the stairs shows that it's child friendly as well!


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