Latest adventures in dressmaking - baby fashion.

 Eeeek!  Today is such a delight, friends.  Did you see how sweet Morgan over at Mama Loves Papa did a guest post about this blog... and this cutie - Azriel?!  Well, that just made our day.  Not to mention we got to go 'out on the town' today for a family date (Ben, Me and Azi).  We got some poser shots of Azi sporting my latest sewing attempt.

   We drove up to 'Nana & Grandads' where Azriel always get a raw rhubarb to make faces with.

 So yes, this is the dress I made her.  I love the patchwork plaid look (though it does exaggerate my lameness at sewing a straight line).  I'm convinced this material is dyed gossamer... or maybe fairies wings... it's the lightest cotton out there - transparent too.  Breezy!

 The booty shot... showing the complimentary fabric I used with lace trim to make a pocket.

Our wee pianist in the making... hopefully she doesn't inherit my sausage fingers!

Thanks again for all your sweet comments, I find this Small Style thursday series to be such a delightful way to meet other marvelous mamas.

Have a great day,
Mel :o)


  1. She looks so sweet. I LOVE seeing kids in mumma-made!

  2. Great dress and beautiful colours. And I just got a craving for stewed rhubarb. Yumm. 

  3. Oh my I love the dress, the colors, the pocket, everything is so sweet!
    And your baby girl looks adorbale on it!


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