Coffee brain. crazy brain!

One of our favourite family hangout spots... Chapters Book Store.  Ben and I like grabbing some magazines and a coffee.  Azriel likes the train set, and yelling "hi" at other kids.  I tend to look at home decor zines and get all inspired to re-vamp our home.. on a no-budget approach. ;o)  Ben likes to read books about bread-making, hobby farming... etc.  Azi likes pretty much any book she can get her hands on.
Today I am a mess from the Starbucks coffee I had though.  My heart has been going like a rabbit at the greyhound track.  I feel my limbs are humming. twitching. spasming.  Don't worry I'll make it!
My brain is a buzz too though.  This is not good.  An artist's mind already has enough to deal with.  It's hard enough to not get distracted by every floating cloud, curious shadow, quirky invention or craft idea.  Now I'm buzzed up on caffeine and can't stop thinking of projects i want to do.. without the time to do them.  That makes me feel - like Bilbo Baggins - "... thin, sort of stretched, like butter spread over too much bread".
I am fighting to reign myself in today.  "No brain.. don't plan that right now",  "Yes hands, hold your daughter right now".  
Back to Chapters for a second (sorry, my brain is flighty right now)... do any of you sewing folk know a good back-to-basics sewing book I should buy.  I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket!  I want something comprehensive, but written for a 4 year old.. so I can understand it.  Thanks!
Sorry if I post too much... I feel near to busting with stuff to blab about most days... so yah, thanks for letting me.. let it out.

Mel :o)


  1. Love your caffeine addled brain!
    I, too am looking for a basic for-a-4-year-old how to sew book, too. I'm starting fresh (again) and hoping to start sewing up my own clothes - and doing them so they look like real clothes, and not stapled together Frankenstein pieces that I would normally do. I have visions of making lots of dresses and skirts! Already have some easy patterns to play with, but afraid of my sewing machine right now. ;)

  2. Hattonkathleen1 June 2011 at 16:20

    Me and My Sewing Machine by Kate Haxell might be worth a look.

  3. I don't drink coffee but I definitely know the feeling. I think I stay away from coffee drinks because I fear I might go insane if I drink them. 

  4. gypsy.. you're wise. ;o)
    kathleen.. thanks, will check that out!
    caren... heh, thanks... and I encourage you to sew your heart out! xo

  5. I can't handle a lot of caffeine either. Even the tea at Starbucks makes me really jittery!

    Such adorable photos!

  6. I also LOVE going to Chappies with Gretchen -- and I agree, their coffee always gets me going ;)


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