slide show sunday. take 4.

 Another beautiful weekend had here at our nest.  Another slide show bonaza for you friends!  Here's lil' Azriel and I snacking at the zoo on friday. 
 Seeing blue at the zoo... quiet splash pad... despite all of peterborough being there that day!

 Stroller social scene.

 Saturday morning.. pouring rain.  Steaming up the windows by playing 'xoxo's... literally.  Exciting moment of the morning: discovering my hair is finally long enough to put in pig-tail braids!

 Touring our local art gallery... a.k.a... 'glorified wheelchair ramp' with fun art!

 Saturday afternoon at Ben's family.  Azi loves eating rhubarb in the raw there... pretty flowers too!

 The white wonder... family dog - Hazel.

 Snuggles and stripes on the back porch.

 Azi gets her pants heaved up from Nana without fail.

 Azi and friend, Wren discover the joys of thinking 'inside' the box.

 Family saturday meal: 9 plates filled with BBQ sausage, potato, pasta salad, chips and wine on the side.

 Sunday after church, Azi and I took off with my folks to visit the big brother in the big city.. Toronto!  Visiting the new condo him and his girlfriend bought by the harbour front.

Nothing like waddling through throngs of twiggy.trendy.texting.Torontonians to make me feel all flabby and frumpy.... sheesh!  That harbour front is quite the people watching carnival.  It was hot and beautifully sunny... and everyone - and their dogs - were out to play.  It was great to visit with family... but it was good to drive back home too.  I'm becoming less and less of a 'big city' kind of girl... and longing for quieter, natural surroundings.

Anywho, that's the slide show for this weekend!
It's going to be a fun week friends, stay posted.

nite nite!
Mel :o)

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