my blue belle.

Azriel's outfit today
ruffle shirt:: thrifted
jeans:: Cherokee (Zellers?)
pine cone:: nature
suitcase:: Globetrotter.

Tiny toes and travel cases, oh sweetness.  This suitcase belonged to my mom when she was a child.  I love having it in our home now - and I often use it to display my creations at craft shows.

Pudgy fingers and pine cones.

I love all the turquoise dotted ruffles on this shirt.  She looks like the sweet blue belle of the ball.  I just may get inspired to sew another version for Azi soon. 

Once again, we're linking this post up with the cutie kids over at Mama Loves Papa.

Happy Thursday y'all!
Mel :o)


  1.  What a cutie!

  2. A frilly dress paired with jeans! I never would have thought, but they look lovely together. Also, turquoise with a splash of yellow provided by the rug is a wonderful colour combo. Great photos. 

  3. love that ruffle top too! i like that it is blue--still girly but not over the top. :) i use an old suitcase as a prop a lot as well, perfect setting!

  4. Looooove!! the colors, style suitcase-all so inspiring!! Love that you have unusual names too:)

  5. She is so sweet. Beautiful top and photos!

  6. Precious girl!!! and beautiful pictures to boot! 

  7. The shirt and suitcase are beautiful! (But, not as beautiful as Azriel!). Gorgeous photos!

  8. What a sweet little doll! That colour is just gorgeous on her and I love the suitcase too.


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