Hello friends, it's time for another edition of 'what I created and forced got my daughter Azriel to wear day'! I know, my days are numbered till she will likely want to dress herself - but for now I get to have fun with her as the model... and me - the paparazzi.

So the doily vest is simply a long oval doily.. with arm holes cut in.  Love it.  Someday I'll find a big whopper doily to fit myself into.  Oh, and this is Azriel's 'yelling face' at the big trucks driving on the highway above her.

As much as she loves rummaging in the dirt, a patch of wildflowers can be fun for exploring too.  She seems to take her duty of discovery quite seriously sometimes.

I also made these oh-so-fun harem pants for Azi.  I'm going to be posting the next do.it.yourself tutorial for how to make this version tomorrow - what a teaser! (The d.i.y. doily vest too if you're still curious).
And did you know that of allllll my blog posts - my first tutorial on how to make harem pants is still the most popular?  Turns out people worldwide keep googling that project.

So, the details for today
doily vest:: mama made
striped shirt:: Old Navy (thrifted)
harem pants:: mama made
shoes:: gifted.

As usual, you'll find us in the smorgasbord of cuties linking up over at Mama Loves Papa today!
See you all tomorrow for this d.i.y edition.

creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. super duper cute. love it!

  2. Jayme of Miskabelly11 August 2011 at 10:01

    I am in love with this little outfit!  I am on my way to check out the harem pants DIY and will be back to see the doily vest!

  3. Love the vest and the pants!

  4. thanks Jayme!  If you want the d.i.y for these specific pants.. it's actually coming tomorrow - making pants from old sleeves ... the OTHER diy was making the pants from a t-shirt! ;o)

  5. Oh, that first photo! Delicious! I can't wait to see your tutorial!


  6. dude i want that outfit in my size!!! ha! soooo cute!

  7. What darling pants on a darling baby! :)

  8. #1--this may be my favorite small style outfit of all time.
    #2--you are a genius!! A doily vest?? MON DIEUI!
    #3--please tell me you will let me pay you to make a pair of those pants for Pixie?


    I'm so serious its not even funny.

    Sara Sophia

  9. Awww... shucks (rubbing toe in the ground). You're so sweet Sara Sophia (I love saying your name).  Pixie pants sounds fun for sure... you'll just have to message me some serious sizing - and I can try my dang darndest to sew 'properly' for you!  Serious?  You have always struck me as a completely serious.. serious woman. ;o) tee hee.

  10. hehe... so do I!  Maybe we'll switch Small Style.... for Big Mama style! ;o)

  11. I'm so glad I found your blog!  I've been meaning to send a care package to a friend, but I didn't know what to include for her daughter.  Harem pants are definitely it!  And I really want to make them in that pretty coral color, too... 

  12. I am IN LOVE with that vest! Your seriously need to sell those things and I will be your first customer! (For Finley or in my size, just sayin'). Azriel is a doll, as always, and her outfit is perfection!

  13. haha, I can so relate. I am definitely the paparazzi pursuing the reluctant models in my house too!
    I love that doily vest. It is lovely.

  14. hey thanks for stopping by this nest.. hope today tutorial was helpful for you in making the pants then... good luck! ;o)

  15. Aw, thanks Morgan.. and thanks for hosting the fun again!  Hope todays tutorial showed you just how easy it is to make your own version of the vest for Finley... I have full faith in your ability to cut two holes!! hehe.. hugs. :o)

  16. Oh, this is so darling!! Your gal is such a dear!


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