riding in carts.. with boys.

 Do you chaperon your toddlers I wonder?  Well, when this mama is pushing the shopping cart, I keep one wary eye on this handsome lil' suitor.  Everyone, meet Reggie.  Reggie meet all of Azriel's fans (I can call you readers that right?.. thanks!). 

These two are pretty smitten with each other... (although Azi needs to work on her enunciation because every time she sees him she squeals "WEDGIE!").  Sure, he may be almost a year younger.. but this mama has nothing against 'cougars' or being one herself.  We're pretty much going to arrange their marriage I think - since his mama is totally one of my 'besties'.  I affectionately refer to her by her last name "Wilson!"...and she was my maid of honour... and now my 'neighbour'... and shopping buddy... and 'second husband' (she fixes.sews.cooks things I can't).... and yah, we see each other most days - or call most others.  So if it doesn't work out between our kids.... well, poop may hit the fan. ;o)

Hmmmm.... we may need to work on this whole thumb-sucking issue, he's not looking too impressed with that.
As usual, we're going to link this silliness today up with the crazy sweet cuties over at

Sure, you've seen it before:
Azriel's scarf : Hurley - cut to size.
dress shirt - made by mama (tutorial here)
diaper cover - thrifted

Have you arranged a marriage for your child yet?
Are we allowed to chaperon until they're 20?
I hope so.
Boys can be... sneaky.
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Mel ;o)


  1. I adore the face that little A is making in the second photo. So cute. 
    It's hard to find bibs that also look like a stylish accessory...and that sure is a cute one. 

  2. You're too kind Mel :)  We'll be teaching Reg all about girls too... who can also be sneaky!  I love all of our time together... now if we could only spend even more...hmm.  Reggie's shirt was thrifted too, not that he's into fashion like Azi :)


  3. SOo cute!  Love her dress and scarf!

  4. hahahaha, I LOVE this post! Wedgie is adorable - quite a catch on the playground scene I imagine.
    I used to shop with a double cart for my middle two who are only 16 months apart and sadly it never looked as cute as this. It was all slapping and hair pulling and tears.

  5. Elizabeth Schirmer19 August 2011 at 21:51

    This is adorable and made me laugh! Beautiful girlie, handsome fella. She has the cutest little nose by the way. :)


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