D.I.Y toddler doily vest.

Are you ready?  Are you eager to create?  Then lets go.  As promised, today is the day to learn how to cut/sew your own versions of Azriel's outfit from yesterday's post.
If you follow my blog at all.... you may be getting sick of all these 'upcycle your doilies' projects!
But if you, like me, just can't get enough... here's another SUPER FAST.stupid easy. upcycling adventure:

Step 1: Grab large doily (oval or long shaped).
Step 2:  Cut two slits at the appropriate width of your toddler's shoulders.
Step 3: Slide onto your kid... and be amazed at how ridiculously cute they look!

Like I said, ridiculously cute.  I still want one in my size [sigh]. 
IF you're a real perfectionist type you can go ahead and add a final step of hemming in those arm holes too, I won't stop you.

Stay tuned friends,
I'll post the next version of making toddler harem pants later today.

Craftily yours,
Mel ;o)

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