confessions [of a mama]. part 6.

Do you ever walk out the door and realize you're matching your child's outfit? 
I confess I tend to subliminally.consciously.instinctively dress Azriel in the same colours as me some days! I must think that if we clash - the fashion police will say she's not be my daughter - call me crazy...
Maybe since she is dressed crazy some days.. people do know she goes with me.  My brother-in-law said this outfit looked like I was a 'superhero'  (I think the yellow tights inspired that comment).  Just call me WonderWoman Mama, thanks.

Azriel wears:                                                    Mama wears:
dress: Hello Kitty - H&M                              dress: thrifted - JOE
bloomers: thrifted                                         yellow tights: Zellers
sandals: crocs                                              shoes: Rocket Dog
                                                                   sweater: Zellers - Alfred Sung

Do you ever find yourself dressing your kids like mini 'you'?
I'm sure once Azi takes charge of self-dressing the styles will change!

I better grab a cape and fly now,
Mel :o)

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