we be craftin'... come and see!

Oh.my.good.golly... I'm so excited!  Nothing lights a creative fire under this crafter's buns like having a show to get ready for.  Yes, I'm one of those nuts that works better 'under pressure'.... otherwise I find a million excuses.distractions from keeping me focused on a project (you may remember that confession in the past).
I digress... here it is, hot off the press!
The Jackson Creek Press to be exact.  He's hosting a backyard/house art 'expo' that's bringing all the creative.artsy.tasty goodness of our local vendors together.
So, if you're local, mark your calendars!
I'd love to see you there!
What am I going to showcase?
I'm hoping to blast off in a million different creative directions again...  a touch of pottery, jewellery, stuffies, fabric hoops and paintings, and more!
Wowsers, I better get moving here,

Crafty mama,
Mel :o)


  1. I wish I had something like this that I could go to near me!


  2. hehe.. all the more reason to come live here Steph! ;o)

  3. Yay!  Working under pressure is my fortay too, you always get the best results that way!  I had never done a craft fair until last year! Now I'm totally hooked!  I have one coming up on October 1st and I know I should really start now as everything I do requires an incredible jump start, but no doubt, I'll be bringing a "finishing kit" to my table, working behind the table ;)  Best of luck to you Mel, not that you need it I'm sure!

    <3 Suz


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