slide show sunday. take 10.

Hello friends!
Well this was the weekend for sunshine and downpours.
Splash pads and sand pals.
Yard sales and dinner parties.
Really, this slide show weekend is hosted by my daughter...

Azriel loves splashing.... and digging with friends in the dirt.

My favourite mug for tea time - when Ben gets home from work.

Azi wants to join in on tea time... so she gets her own version of 'milk-tea'... and loves it.

She's really into collecting nature's morsels lately.. today's choice: maple keys.

She stashed them all into her pocket... which I discovered the next day littered all over her crib!

Family dinner Saturdays.. another great meal with all the generations.  The best corn of the year was had too... mmmMMMmmmm.... I just want to eat corn all day, every day!

Hope your weekend was fanciful and fun!
Mel :o)

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