D.I.Y upcycle tablecloth into wrap skirt.

Yes it's that time of week again.. when we grab something in our home and frantically upcycle it while the lil' one sleeps!  If you know me by now - you know I like my sewing projects to be speedy.stupid easy.cheap - and I've got another one for you here.  Now last time I upcycled a lace tablecloth into a skirt by throwing an elastic waist into the centre of it right?  I realized that all the 'bunching' fabric added to my already 'muffin top' type waist... so this time I opted to make a wrap!  Check me this out:

Supplies needed:
one round tablecloth
4-6' of ribbon.cloth band.or rope to tie your wrap on with.
sewing machine
(3' of lace if you want an extra trim element.) 

Lay that tablecloth out on your floor (chase the cats away in my case).
Fold it almost in half and cut along the edge.. you want about a third higher on one side to make a 'layered' look.

Run to your sewing machine with the two halves now.  Fold over and sew an inch wide seam along the waist of both.. to thread your ribbon through.  As you can see above, I didn't sew right to the end... but left a gap where the ribbon could pull out - this creates a neat overhang of fabric at the end (seen below).

As an extra garnish, I added the lace ribbon to the top half of the wrap.  It adds a frilly flair for some salsa dancing or having a picnic on the lawn.

There you have it!  Speedy.stupid easy.cheap.. you made your own wrap skirt.  Yes, it technically is two wraps that you layer around yourself... which creates the funky tiered/layered look.  Hope that inspires you to upcycle your tablecloths again!

I'd love to see pictures if you make one (or any of my d.i.y's for the matter).
Have a beauty day friends,
Mel :o)


  1. testing testing.. 1,2,3.

  2. i love this tiered, layered look!  it's everywhere right now-- who woulda thought it's also on the kitchen table!:)  i love it-- and the print and ruffle is too pretty!


  3. hey you thanks!! ;o)

  4. hi! wow our skirts do look similar! great minds :)


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