my baby.fruit basket.2.

Well the first trimester has come and gone.. wowsers!  I seem to be one of those mama's that gets blessed with the extreme nausea.up-chucking mode while I'm preggo.  Sure, they like to say it means your kid will be a genius... (and I'm not going to say that Azriel isn't).... but really?  I think it's just a statement to justify feeling like junk for months.  Anywho, I am still super thankful for a day and age where they have Diclectin (the wonder drug of anti-nausea for pregnant women)!  I keep trying to just get by on the minimum dose (I don't like meds in general)... but this baby insists on making me hate eating.  I know one key is to have a continual series of snacks on the go - but the very thought of any food makes me start to heave.  One of my midwives said Almonds have a good amount of Vitamin B - the anti-nausea trick... so I'm eating those like a chipmunk!
I hope I'm not complaining,  I know things would be a lot worse if I couldn't keep my meals down at all.  So yes, I'm thankful for even this stage - since it marks the miracle of new life.
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I better go snack now,
Mel ;o)


  1. I was on diclectin the whole time. It's nice to know that it's vitamin b6 and an antihistamine, so basically like being on allergy pills the whole time. :) (hmm...what does that say about how our bodies react to pregnancy...lol) I tried using less, but the food wouldn't stay down. So, the little pills with the mommy on them were a lifesaver.

    Love the fruit "progress" by the way. :)

  2. thanks Steph... always nice to know we aren't the only ones hoovering those pretty pills back!  I would like to think our bodies weren't 'allergic' to babies.. hehe - I'm always amazed that the body is so resistant to the food it instictively would NEED to support another life.  Anywho, thanks for stopping in! Hope your family is keeping swell! xo

  3. I read regularly, sorry I don't comment more!! I love your blog though and maybe *someday* I will even try out some of your super-cool DIY projects. :)

    Ya, it's funny that when we seem to need food the most that's when we can't keep it down. But in the end, it seems that the baby usually does just fine. :) Anyway, here's an article I just read that will encourage you about the best news about morning sickness :) http://www1.shoppersdrugmart.ca/en/VIB/Motherisk/Articles/Good-News-about-Morning-Sickness.aspx  
    We're keeping well...Audrey is walking, talking and pretending she's older than she is (because she is sooo big for her age). I'm loving it!! (and so is Jer)


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