confessions [of a Mel] part.5.

Here's a chocolaty.sweet.peek at the birthday dinner we had for my mom last weekend.  It didn't make it to slide.show.sunday since we were overshadowed that weekend with the grief hitting our family.  It seemed 'emotionally bi-polar' to mourn at a funeral one day, then celebrate life the next... but it really helped deepen that celebration of just how precious a life is.  
My mom's life is precious to me!  
So... I made her this orange.chocolate.mousse.cake... mmmmMMmm.  I also made the chocolate.orange rind chunks for the top.  
Before you think I'm so talented in the kitchen.. I should confess how terribly cranky I get when baking.  I was smashing around with dishes, wrecking half the chocolate, muttering in contempt... and stomping out of the kitchen in regular intervals of exasperation.  Yes, I'm not a pretty picture - I know I need to get it in check before I train up my daughter to think this is the room of utter frustration - I'm trying! ;o)

But here is a pretty picture!  
My older sister just sent it to me... so I opted to post this post after all.  I just love how my daughter is all a-marvel (maybe to see her mama smiling while near that dessert).  There's my aging-to-perfection mom... I swear she's looking younger every year... there must be sorcery involved.  

Happy Birthday Mom
You're a precious life.

Mel :o)

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