darkness and light.

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This is the post to get me to start posting again...  I know I missed 'slide.show.sunday' yesterday.. and for the one person out there who may have been eagerly awaiting the picture 'recap' of my weekend, I'm sorry.  I fear if I was to post pictures from this past weekend my heart (or yours) would break all over again.
In a few words:
a womb
became a tomb
for a niece we longed to hold.

A baby funeral is the worst contradiction of nature.  It was the hardest day we've ever had to face as a family.  We grieve now, but not without hope.  In the depths of darkness there is still that flame of faith which cannot be extinguished.  A tiny life has left this earth, but a sweet soul has entered Heaven.

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 I think one of the sweetest.painful.heartbreaking.healing moments of this weekend was when my daughter (21 months) saw my sis-in-law for the first time after the loss.  As our daughter was prone to do, she walked up and pointed to our sister's belly, saying "baby?".  With teary eyes we replied "no hunny, baby's gone"....
... out of nowhere
...with no prompting
... our daughter then says
"Yes hunny, you're right, baby is with Jesus".
In the darkness of despair, a light still shines.
Death where is your victory?
Grave where is your sting?

If you believe in the power of prayer,
our family would humbly appreciate it.

Thank you friends,


  1. So sorry to hear Mel...thinking and praying for your family

  2. Heather Anderson15 August 2011 at 19:14

    We're praying for you and crying with you. 

  3. Oh, Mel, I am so sorry to hear of this loss. So small a life and yet nothing can be as big. I pray for your brother and sister-in-law, and hope healing comes with time & love. xox

  4. Mel I know that pain from experienci it myself. There is such a wondrous peace knowing that they are with the Lord. Our little Elijah opened his eyes not into this world but to see his heavenly maker face to face. If your family ever needs to talk or would like to borrow any of the books I read I am here. my heart goes out to you.

  5. My heart breaks for your brother and his wife.  I hope healing comes sooner rather than later.


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