small steps. big lessons. 4.

Did I ever mention how beautiful mushrooms are?  (Ok, yes I was freaking out a bit over these retro ones last week).  I think our lil' naturalist daughter is catching the go-mushy-for-shrooms bug too.

In fact, Azriel is often saying "mushroom man" now as her version of 'do you know the muffin man'?  We let it slide...  

She's so cute to watch.. hovering over a patch of mushrooms in our yard, like a brooding hen.  She has to pluck and examine each one.. savouring it's uniqueness.

One of the best features of having children:
they remind you to sit down in the grass,
breathe in the beauty of nature,
and look at the world
with fresh eyes of wonder.

Side-note: I sat down in the grass, my husband ran in to check online if these were in fact, edible mushrooms.

have a wonder-full day,
Mel :o)

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