to hide or seek...

Warning: this post has a gratuitous amount of cuteness in it.. probably not even legal.  No, not me, thanks... but our gal Azriel seems to be getting sweeter each day.  Forgive me, but I just have to post all these fun pictures from our park.playground.picnic adventure yesterday!  As you can see, I'm still confused by playgrounds... and Azi still loves the dirt + shovel combo.

To hide.. or to seek... she gets giddy with either option.  But who doesn't love being found by their Father? :o)

Endless running, endless giggles, endless cuteness.

The reverse mullet I cut into her hair is growing out nicely now.. almost getting hair envy of my daughter now that I went and hacked a mullet into myself last night! sheesh. 

Last but not least.. the happy leaf dance:

There it is. 
Cuteness quota for the day = check.
Have yourself a great one,
Mel :o)


  1. Kate Friendship3 August 2011 at 23:26

    you are amazing Melissa. and Azriel is beyond words in cuteness!

  2. aw, thanks sweet Kate! Kind of you to drop a line here... hugs! :o)

  3. That profile shot is so sweet!  You should make a silhouette of it!  My daughter loves to hold little tiny animal figures, too!


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