colour my day.2.

 Colour me blessed with this sweet profile shot.  Azriel is holding her favourite feature of visiting Chapters Book Store.... little figurines of baby chicks.  Every time we go to play at the train set she runs to the animal shelf and squeals "chicken?"!  So cute.

Her thrown together 'style' today features the following:
shirt: Old Navy
pants: hand sewn by a sweet friend.
sandals: thrifted
scarf: Hurley (cut to size by mama).
handful of chickens: Chapters.

Ben makes for quite the handsome daddy reading partner too.
We're linking up with Mama Loves Papa again for this Small Style post!

Ciao for now,
Mel :o)


  1. That scarf is adorable. Great colours!
    I love Chapters. Seriously, they are such great bookstores. I'm just back form a trip to the US, and I have to say that Chapters is WAAAAAAAYYYYY better in terms of kids books than anything that can be found in Barnes & Noble or Borders etc. 

  2. She is adorable. I love that scarf on her.
    Isn't funny how they get a favourite like that. My smallest is very attached to pigs at the moment. I am tempted to take her out to farm to see a real one.

  3. great profile shot and i love her scarf!


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