feeling squished.

Don't mind me friends, I'm just making a post of cuteness and cuddles here.. to avoid doing the dishes complaining in my sink right now.
 My older sis was visiting the other day and my daughter Azriel loves to sit on her lap and watch "Elmo" on her i-pad/i-phone (i.thing?!)... 

Sandwiched in the middle of this cozy moment - "Bambi" the chihuahua.

I'm feeling a bit 'squished' right now too.  It always happens on the eve of a craft show.. I want more hours in the day to craft.paint. and play.  I really have to fight the 'whiney voice' inside that would start to resent those ever abounding dirty dishes...
the laundry..
the snotty, teething baby that wants her twelfth hug in five minutes...
Finding the 'balance' is the carrot ever dangling before this dumb a**... 
So I need to pray for patience, gratitude and joy to flood this squished heart to see the blessings that crowd each day full!
Cup not half empty.
not half full.
...but running over.

Mel :o)


  1. *sigh*  it's a little eerie the resemblance of our days.  in between switching dye baths for onesies today, I have had the daunting task that is 4, yes 4 baskets of clean laundry to fold, to which my dear husband FINALLY said something about today.... oops ;)  The last batch of onesies are dyed a beautiful shade of yellow, off to the wash they go, off to the folding do I.... only to realize tomorrow I have 3 loads to wash....I'd much rather screenprint... yet another *sigh*....
    Best of luck on your show!  I've officially got a month to prepare for mine, and I'll need every last second :)
    <3 suz

  2. hehe.. the parrallel world continues sister Suz.. best of luck with your show too!  Glad you haven't accidently dyed all your normal laundry in the chaos! ;o)


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