slide show sunday. take 10.

Hello friends, it's that time of week again. slide show time. 
I'm beginning to notice a trend here.. in that I should probably rename it "Azriel's slide show" since she seems to lead the tour.  Maybe I'll need to train her to aim the camera at her parents!
Anywho.. on with the show:
Friday trip to the fabric store with some gal pals.  Azi loved running/hiding amongst the patterns.
I scored some sweet fabric for her upcoming birthday costume too! (Yes I dress Azi up for her birthdays since it's Oct.29th... heh). 

Saturday morning yard sales, and East City Bakery for treats.
  Then driving out to Millbrook to attend a visitation for a dear older soul that had passed away from our church.  (Someone in the back seat was a bit sleepy by this point).

A quick bite with friends on the trip back home... and you'll remember this dashing fella from earlier this week, yes?

Afternoon naps, and working on some commissions here.  Then off to 'Saturday Family Dinner' which was a family reunion for our father-in-law's side... tons of faces and food!  This shot captured my main trio of favourites (brother, husband, Dad-in-law). ;o)

Azriel clung to her favourite relative there - cousin Emily... a sweet moment reading "Little Bear" with snacks in the grass.

She also tried her hand at badminton... I think she's got the main trick down - and that's 'tongue waving' it really fuels any extreme sport I think.

Thanks for coming along for another slide show sunday.
See you again soon this week!
Mel :o)

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