slide show sunday. take 11.

Squeaking in here friends, with this weekend's 'slide.show.sunday'...brought to you by the letter "F":
folk festival

Let's start it off with some sweet hotties - this tent is just packed full of happy colour and happy faces - Caren, Astrid & Lucky to name a few!

Oooh, and here's the beautiful earrings I was eager to buy from my friend Erin of 26 Mermaids!  Every craft show is the chance to see her smiling face and a table full of eye-candy.

Azriel joined in on the fun after a nap at the Grandparents.   We camped out on a picnic blanket I had whipped together from an antique quilt... love it.

Ok, proof that not just my feet went to the folk festival... me and my Beni.

Azi needed sunglasses so as not to be blinded by the awesomeness of this meal..... mmmmm love that Flying Chestnut food booth!

The big Murphy chilling out on his mama's techni-colour dream quilt.

Music and giggles and tickles in the grass.

Baby Rapunzel?  No, Azi's main side-kick.... Wren (I know, coolest name ever).

In true hippy-fashion Azriel hosted a 'love-in'... dancing hugs with Wren.... steam-roller hugs onto Aunt Sarah.  One big happy family.

Azi confidently leads her Daddy off into the sunset....

Another weekend well spent,
and now this mama is spent.

Hope yours was full of fun too!
Mel :o)


  1. so lovely. great quilt!

  2. yay! what happiness the letter F brings! love seeing the three of us beaming out on your blog! xo
    delighted I got to see you at the PFF! I ended up spending the majority of my time @ Lucky's booth. It's just too much happiness in one place. Erin's booth was my other favourite spot, returning a few times to be immersed in the serenity there. :)


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