she wore blue velvet.

Azriel's 'outfit post' is brought to you by three sewing mamas this weekI only realised half way through the day that she was wearing such a sweet combination of projects (despite myself being the one who dressed her - though I may not have been quite awake yet!).

So let's break it down here: ... this mama hand-painted the 'deer' shirt, Wren's mama sewed the floral blue dress-shirt underneath, and Reggie's mama sewed the velvet skirt!  It's so nice to have besties that are mamas. neighbours. crafters. all around us.  The stockings(GAP) and purple rubber boots were all thrifted.

Gosh, this blue belle makes my little heart swoon.

While Azriel takes the time to smell the flowers... I take the time to just breathe her in.

Do you ever find yourself pausing and thinking...
"I can't believe this little miracle is God's daily gift to me?"
Sometimes at night... it feels like Christmas Eve  - 
and that in the morning I get to run in and see the most beautiful gift again!

Yes, I'm just feeling all twitter-patted... and you may too, if you check out all these other cuties at Mama Loves Papa today!

Mel ;o)


  1. Azriel is so so cute! I love her boots and skirt!

  2. Love your Christmas Eve analogy...it really is true.  So awesome to wake up to a sweet baby each day.
    Can't beat a baby in rain boots--so cute!!

  3. she is precious! I love her shirt. i kinda want one in my size....and maybe matching size for Jessica :)

  4. Beautiful! And how lovely that she is wearing so many things made with love.

  5. I really love this shirt...the whole outfit is great, but the shirt = superb! 

  6. Such a cute outfit, I love her little boots.

  7. Totally like the blue rain boots ! Cool to find and other canadian blogger !


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