confessions [of a mama]. part 2.

My thrifty dustpan.                                My genius daughter can make spilled milk look like butterflies!

On messy floors and spilled milk.

I like to pretend that I am a healthy balance between being a 'stepford wife' and a total slob.  This translates that while the house is never really clean... it's rarely a complete disaster either. You can call it - shabby chic.

I must confess I do have a high aversion to house cleaning.  I treat it like 'whack-a-mole' usually... when a nasty mess pops up it's head.. then 'bam' I knock it back into submission.  My two main motivators for cleaning are: 1) guests... and 2) a desire to not see my daughter eating anthills of lint.dirt.food off the floor. 

Sorry.. did I say two?  I should probably say three... 3) my mom.  Yes, with Mother's Day now over I can go back to saying how I really feel about Mom... haha!  No, I love her lots.  But, I think we all know that 'look' only a mother can give ... the one that makes you straighten up, tuck in your shirt and start to look for things to clean.  To my mom's utter horror - she sees my signature-cleaning-move most times she visits.  What's that you ask?  Well, every time my daughter spills some milk..  I quickly soak it up... with my sock.  [gasp].
That's an eyebrow raiser for some I guess.
Or maybe its when I pick random dirt off the floor and throw it behind the couch?
Could it be the hand-plucking of boogers from my daughter's nose?

Whatever my 'signature' move is, I think it's worth confessing that not all mama's have the same approach to cleanliness.  I'm ok with that.

You know what is inspiring me to really clean lately though?  Spring.  I want to purge.  I want to wash.  I want to sunshine up this hibernating house.  You'll likely be seeing more posts about that this summer... as we tackle the disaster garage, paint our dining table, purge our house clutter.. etc.

Alright, I should probably go clean something now..

Have a beautiful day friends!
Mel :o)


  1. I am equally in the mood to purge (doing so right now, in fact!) and so am readying for another Giant Yard Sale at the end of the month (hope you can come; there'll be cookies for sale!). I am hoping to rid myself of 50% of my belongings. We'll see if I succeed! I want more sunshine in my home, too - hoping to paint the apartment something fresh & clean this summer.
    Having company over is the #1 reason I actually clean my place ... which is probably why I don't have much company over. ;)
    p.s. I've used my socked feet to swipe up spills from time to time, too. xo

  2. I am soo excited for your yard sale actually!! Really hoping its a weekend Ben doesn't work and we can swing over. Good luck with the overhaul... its such a freeing.scary.daring.new feeling eh? Please let us know when you set the date luv!


  3. I can never keep up on the cleaning - every time I clean something up 4 more messes pop up!

  4. hi jessi... thanks for writing.. now I'm 'following' your lovely ladies blog! I totally know how you feel on that issue... :o)


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