confessions [of a home-maker] part.1.

Our daughter.. almost a year ago in our 'new' home.
 I have a love-hate relationship.  It's with my kitchen sink.
I think most of us home-makers probably relate (unless you have a dish-washer.. jerks! heh)

I love when my sink is shiny, clean, sparkly...
which is rare.
I hate when it is grimy, stacked high with dirty dishes....
which is often.

Every night I face a battle...  will I do the day's dishes now... or in the morning?
Everything in me screams that I deserve to finally sit back and relax after another full day.  The all-too-common-voice whispers "there's always tomorrow.... go on.... sit down".
Sometime I give in... and that next day it slaps me in the face.... "hello new day.. 
oh, crap those dishes are still in the sink!!" ugh.

But lately... I've been 'winning' with what I like to call my 'grace/blessing hour'.
Every night, I push through the whiny/lazy/apathetic voices in my head and grab the dish soap!
I bless my home, my family, my self... by cleaning this kitchen fresh for a new day.
I take the time to offer up a prayer of thanks for the blessings of that day.
I get prune fingers.
I go to sleep feeling refreshed.
I wake up to a clean kitchen.. wow.

Seems simple. But for this mama.. it's a daily battle.victory.torture.blessing to face!

Hope your day is sparkly,
Mel :o)

the view from here... 'here' being the kitchen sink.... with my 'booze' of dish soap on hand.


  1. I'd be one of those jerks with a dishwasher... which was ushered into our home because of how much we hate doing the dishes too :)

  2. hehe... if you can afford the space and money for it... all the power to you non-jerk friend! xo


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