confessions [of a mama]. part 4.

Well here comes the stink post.  I need to 'air-out' some of my issues with diaper.cloth diapering.  Those of you lucky enough to not face these issue are welcome to jump over to a 'fresher' post for now :o)
This post is inspired from yesterday's fiasco.. (you may have seen on my Facebook status)... wondering why my daughter wasn't napping I went in to find her stripped naked.. shirt and cloth diaper on the floor.  Grinning ear to ear, and yes, she peed her sheets!
So this is it, I am trying to get diligent and use cloth diapers more with my 19mos. toddler daughter again.  I used them in the past... and then got 'stocked up' on Pampers, add in some laziness, apathy, frustration.. and well, the disposable diaper stuck around.
Now that summer is back, and I envision fresh cloth diapers sunning on the clothesline, I decided to phase back.  I'm hoping this encourages my gal to start potty-training soon.  Can I just admit how much I loathe what this new phase will be like... I don't know, maybe you already have held your baby over a toilet since they were 2 weeks old - but I am not a fan of the idea.  I would rather wait till she can tell me she needs to go 'potty'... so we aren't both hanging there staring each other down, waiting for something - or someone - to be moved. :o)

Alas, I am no expert in the ways of cloth diapering though.  Here's my 'bin' [an ol' Mr.Sub bucket that made her diapers smell like pickles no matter how much I first cleaned it!].  Lately I'm giving lil' Annie Oakley's borax a try here... to help with the cleaning.  Can I also just say how much I dread opening that bucket?  Sure I rinse the diapers before they go in.. but I swear, ghouls still come flying out.  I'm smacked with the smell of... let's just say... 'low-staffed old age homes'.  Ugh.

Okay,this is the nice part. Fresh air, sun-bleached diapers hanging softly.  I am sure they, too, love the view. the freedom. the light of day.
So there you have it.
Have you succeeded in the diapering dilemma for your home?
Any potty-training advice.mistakes.ideas?

Help a mama out,
Mel ;o)


  1. Lol, I think you'll just have to come to peace with staring down your daughter as you dangle her over the toilet until you get a little seat so that she can sit all by her big self :).  There is apparently a book out there that teaches a method to having your toddler trained in 3 days.  Might be worth looking for!  Good luck, and I'll let you know how our potty training goes in another 7 months or so!

  2. Amanda Boyette2 June 2011 at 07:29

    I CD part time. my husband isn't a fan, so I always have a few pampers around for him, as well as the church nursery or our parents. Pretty much I'm the only one who likes to use cloth! As for washing, I keep my dirty ones in a wet bag (love the ones by Planet Wise) and wash about every other day. I use the detergent that SouleMama made one day (soap - some use Fels Napth some use Dr. Bronner's - washing soda and borax) and line dry as much as possible. This keeps the stinkage down.

    As for potty training, my twin boys were over 3 before they ever learned! So we take a laid back approach.

  3. Countyclothcreations3 June 2011 at 13:58

    I had hoped my daughter would potty train early, she's 26ish months now and *just* starting to show an interest, but she's far from committed to the idea ;)  My son was over three, it was easy he was just ready and did it (both were/are cloth diapered) diaper stink....there's so many thoughts on the issue, I've found my biggest help has been using a home made pail powder (mix 1c. baking soda with a few drops of your favorite essential oil tea tree oil, or lavender work well).  I store the pail powder in a mason jar and shake some in to the bottom of the pail liner (get a pail liner if you don't have one-sooooo worth it!) and then after a poopy diaper I shake in some more of the pail liner mix.  This has helped so much and I wish I'd known to do it with my son's daipers!


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