the wheels.. and the meals.. go round and round.

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I dream of living in Europe.  Having travelled throughout a handful of countries there... I fell in love with their 'food' culture.  The idea of biking over cobblestone with a baguette, bottle of wine, and fresh veggies... seemed dreamy.

Dreams have a funny way of coming true.
Now that my husband works full time... it has fallen to me to provide the groceries.  See, I don't have my drivers license... I know .. I know... I'm working on it... eventually.  My dear man would go grab our weekly food, and I would love him all the more for it.  Now I have to step up... and out, and get that meal on that table.

My sweet friend is a BIG help in this regard... her and I 'tag-team' our weekly grocery trip together.  Both with babes in the cart.. we 'race' through the aisles and grab our food for our families.  If an old lady stops to gush and go ga-ga over my friend's baby.. I can charge ahead to grab some chicken - only to be stopped by another person eager to coo over my daughter.. and my friend wheels past again.  It really is a lot of fun. I highly recommend mamas shopping together!
Dreams still have a funny way of coming true.
Sometimes I still need to hike up and grab a few ingredients for a meal.
Sooo, I've traded in a bike - for a stroller.
Cobblestone - for crumbling sidewalks.
Baguettes - for whole wheat loafs.
Wine.... well, we're keeping that on the list!

No babies were crushed in the taking of this picture...
Whats the grocery shopping 'style' for your home?
Do you make meal plans?  I'm just starting to (again) as I now see the need to prioritize my shopping list to the weekly essentials. 

Chow .. Ciao for now,
Mel :o)


  1. Grocery Buddy :P10 May 2011 at 19:30

    Shopping with friends IS fun. It can also be a competition to see who can get their bill the lowest. The winner can treat the loser with a coffee or ice cream cone :o) Lets try soon!

  2. heheh... ok, deal! ;o) I'll just buy rice and bread for the week, I'm that Scottish!


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