No, I didn't enroll my daughter in a women's softball league. 
Yes, the party is in the back - and business is up front.  
Somehow my baby is still rocking out a mullet hair-do here.

I gave Azriel her first haircut a few days ago... she wasn't impressed, neither was I.  She kept twisting around to try and assess what was being done to her.. so needless to say I only scored a few little locks of her golden hair.  The baby-mullet lives on. 

The only way to deal with said mullet currently is to put it up in cute pig-tails, but that's not much of a hit with Azi either.

You'd think she would want to mimic her mom .. who wears her hair up constantly to compensate for a terrible - mullet.making - haircut of her own!  Yes, I too struggle with my own hair issues.  I have cut my hair for years - often doing the reverse mullet - long in front.short at back thing.  But as of late I have decided to simply ignore my hair. string it up each day.or tuck it under a cute hat... and hope it figures itself out eventually.

How about you?  Does your hair hang low.. or do you tie it in a bow? ;o)
*Last day to enter the birthday giveaway contest... I'll announce the winner tomorrow night!*

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