confessions [of a Mel] part.1.

I am a sucker for two things.  My daughter.  Batman.  Yes, put those two together.... and sigh, I'm hooked!  Now I'm sure most mama's out there can relate to my first confession.  Even last night I was overwhelmed again by how much love keeps bursting out of my little heart for my little one.  My eyes seems to starve for just one more glimpse of her sweet face... my nose burrows into her hair for one more inhale of sun-kissed baby scent.  Yes, I'm a sucker for her.

Now Batman.  No worries, you don't need to relate to this delight.  I just think Batman is .. the man.  From every era... he has been awesome.  Though I think the old school Adam West Batman is great for comedy.... the latest series with Christian Bale playing the role, is finally reclaiming the character for what he should be.
Little known confession.  Every so often I am Batman in my dreams.  Is that weird?  If I'm not him, I'm a sidekick.. that usually has to kill someone with a very ineffective weapon... like a dull samurai sword, or fork... or Phillips screwdriver.  Now... that is weird [these are often the nights my husband fears to sleep next to me]. 

Speaking of weird... here's a pic for all you fans.
[source: Pinterest via Piccsy]
Alrighty... have a super-hero sized day friends!

Mel :o)


  1. Sadly, I can't relate to the wonderment of motherhood & sweet-smelling babies (although I do steal a sniff from other mother's babies from time to time ;) but I CAN and DO relate to the love of all things Batman! He is, as you say, The Man. And that photo you posted of all the Batmans lounging together at the poolside has given me a giant grin!
    I dream I'm Batgirl. Even more than my adoration of Batman (which is huge), is my fandom of Batgirl (original Barbara Gordon one).
    This post is all kinds of Good. Makes me warm & fuzzy inside ... even with the image of you having to kill someone with a Phillips screwdriver! ha! xoxox
    p.s. happy mama's day, sweet mama.

  2. hahahah... thanks Caren.. you make me laugh (too)! Maybe next dream session... you be batgirl and i'll fight (ineptly) by your side! xo


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