slide show sunday. take 3.

Friday night my guy Ben and I snuck out for a quick date.  Our daughter was sleeping over at her grandparents... and we had gone to our College & Careers group... and then grabbed a quick drink after at my 'sweet spot' Black Honey Cafe.  This 'dirty duck' was fun for me to stretch it's neck and hear music play... though not as fun for my man... or other customers. 

 Speaking of fun... our daughter is hilarious. Here she is testing what she would look like with glasses.

After breakfast with my folks saturday, my mom and I hit the streets (like the rest of the city population) and went to the annual BIG Gilmour St. yard sale. 

 My first score was a sweet lil' tin for my daughter's room.  Cost. $0.50.

 Sweetest find of the day!  Three vintage Pyrex bowls in robin's egg blue.. woo hoo! Cost. $3.00.

Over to my friend's Caren & Desiree's sale afterwards.  No, I don't bowl, but this bag was a lucky strike.  The love-owls were saved by sweet Caren for me... and I love them.  Though I do believe my husband may have used 'knic-knack.grandma.clutter' all in the same sentence when he saw them.  I need to find more 'hiding places' for my hoot collections. Cost. $3.00.

'Exhausted' from my wild spending of $6.50.. I came home for an afternoon nap.snuggle session with my daughter Azi.

 Once my husband came home from work it was time to head up to his folks for 'family saturday dinner'.  A beautiful afternoon to explore the gardens there... with their dog - Hazel.

 A forgotten bench under a weeping willow... photo-shoot.

 Hiking through Jackson Park in my 'sexy' boots, and gathering some branches for my bird mobiles.

 Not only did I discover my dream house... a handsome nomad was wandering past too.

Roast beef. potatos. gravy. bread. corn. peas. yams. wine.. oh my!

Gathering lilacs to tuck into every corner of our home... sweetness.

Add to those fun memories of this weekend... this morning:  I'm walking my daughter to church in her stroller and I hear "Hey baby!!" as a car drives by... just as I start to think ('maybe I still got it')... I look and realize it in fact is a young girl yelling... at my baby.  Great.
To mark the historic occassion of my daughter's first drive-by 'cat call'... we got poutine and a hot dog on the way home (ok, I was just hungry).

Happy Sunday friends,
Mel :o)


  1. it sounds and looks like you had a great weekend!  i love date nights!!...and your cat call story made me laugh!...too funny-- but a great excuse for hot dogs!:)... love lal your pics.  Really beautiful:)


  2. yessss... fun weekend. and date nights rock. Thanks again for stopping in :o) 

  3. Gorgeous Pyrex find!! Love your Slideshow Sundays! :)
    So good to see you on Saturday; thanks so much for popping by. I hope Mr & Mrs Owl find the perfect perch in your nest. xo!


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