inspired by Morris again.

[Source: kingdom of style]

 Oh William, I love your style.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, William Morris is one of my favorite textile artists.  I especially love the lines in this piece, the richness of the indigo blue against the golds.. and the unfinished quality of the overall look. 
I dream of leaving an illustration this 'unfinished' in parts.. but I find it soooo hard to know when to stop the fine-tuning of a creation and just let it be.

This image above would have to be tacked onto my inspiration board and encourage me to try, try again.

Want another inspiring moment from Morris?

"Have nothing in your houses
that you do not know to be
or believe to be

Thanks William, I'll keep that in mind as I root through this nest and purge what isn't deemed useful or beautiful.

Hope you found some inspiration for your day too friends,

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Mel :o)

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