slide show sunday. take 2.

Welcome friends.  Grab a cup of tea. sit back. relax..for it's sunday.slide.show time again.
Here's the 'photo-flood' of events from this past birthday bash weekend!  It was a beautiful, fun time filled with food.friends.family - could it be any better?  

Here's the hubby at our Farmer's Market... so great to be back outside!

A new tradition I plan on keeping = buy a delicious cupcake [peanut butter chocolate this time] from the Pastry Peddler.. and cram it back to my tonsils... MMmmmmmm!

Silver Bean was next on the list.  Iced coffees in the sunshine.

As usual.. anytime you go to the Silver Bean you run into friends you know... even Azriel got to hang out with some other 'Bean-y Babes' ... like lil' Gretchen here, delightful daughter to doula-Desiree of So Fawned blog. :o)

Next stop was the zoo.  Love love love those playful otters!

Zzzzzzzzz all the way home for lunch and naptime.

Azi's naptime was the perfect chance to whip off a fun skirt project (watch for the d.i.y to come) and relax outside.

Later, a walk through the neighbourhood. Admiring some local art scenes...and visiting our newborn neighbour and friends.

That evening - after a delicious family dinner out at Pizza Factory... we tucked daughter in bed.  Had our brother and his wife 'babysit' (the perks of 'communal living') and went to the movies with some friends.  Yah, it was swash-buckling... but just 'meh' for plot.story.dialogue.

After church this morning we ran to meet up with family and friends at the Old Stone Brewing Co.  This is our favorite downtown restaurant.  Yum!

Speaking of 'yum'.... my super sweet husband got up at 5am to bake me this super sweet chocolate.coffee.raspberry cake!!  Not to mention the "Fleet Foxes" new cd.  I love you Ben!

And we love bubbles!

Phew!  A whirlwind wonder of a weekend had here.. and I am one very happy. blessed. extra-caloried mama.  
Hope you all are savouring a beautiful long weekend as well!
(I hear some leftover 'panzerotti' calling me now)
Mel :o)


  1. Fun! Awe, thanks for including us! <3

  2. My pleasure.. thanks for showing up when you did! ;o)


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