fragile beauty.

 Sweet blooms, found here.  
My folks have a beautiful crab apple tree... and I managed to snap some shots the other day while it was showing off.  You may also recognise Azriels' shirt from today's earlier tutorial
Like most flowering trees at this season.. they come out in splendour, saturate the air with their sweetness, and fill the blue sky with delicate petals.  Only days later however, those petals now cover the ground.  How fleeting its moment in bloom.
This reminds me to be grateful once again.  To hold those delicate, precious moments of beauty each day, and savour their sweetness.

We could have wallowed in discouragement today.. as my husband had his dream of a summer career slip through his [injured] fingers.  Sometimes pity parties seem like such an inviting scene.  I want wear an Eeyore party hat and sit on a dung hill... and mope.  But it's a pretty nasty.stinky.hopeless place to stay in.
So we found some beauty to fill this day.  Sweet moments at the cafe by the lake.  Grabbing some new blooms to put into our front garden.  Being grateful for more moments together now that my husband won't be working as much.

Yes, we even got some Gerber daisies - one of my favorites.  So the fleeting beauty of flowers reminds me once again to hold onto the good, even when it grows up out of life's 'fertilizer'.
 "For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away" James 4: 14
 Savouring the sweetness in the midst of some sorrows,
Mel :o)

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