my bonny lass..

 Hello friends!  I'm just a bit euphoric right now since we finally purchased 'for real' Internet... and now I can load my pictures up here so fast (I used to get hypnotized from the 'loading' swirl for five minutes a picture before).

Anywho, that's not why I'm posting.  I wanted to show you my latest sewing project.  A late night 'wing-it' adventure of making a new baby bonnet for my luv Azi.  You may remember the recent post where we had just bought her an Easter bonnet.  I started from that shape.. and then added extra sun-protection length on the peak.

 ...Oh, and I also made it reversible.. since I love both those melon and denim coloured stripes!

Azriel seems to be a fan.  I think I'm hooked too... I hope to keep making more variations of these bonnets for her this summer.  If I really get it figured out.. I'll even post a tutorial in the future.

Have a bonny rest of your day,
Mel :o)


  1. oh, I love the bonnet!! Azi looks delighted with the style! I am always astounded at how you can look at something & recreate it with your own little hands. xo!

  2. hey sweet C.. thanks! I find it's the only way I can make something... by seeing the real model of it.. cuz I hate instructionals.diagrams.patterns... lol.


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