Azriel and the Sea Captain's Adventures

Hey kids! Azriel is here - with the sea captain - to teach you how to make friends!

1. Investigate  2. Shake hands   3. Have a nap   4.Conclude with cannibalism!

I'm having such a beautiful day today.. kind of giddy really.  You know those days when every piece seems to slide together so easy... and fun?!  I know there's also the days when it feels like the whole box of puzzle pieces was shook up and dumped on our lap... maybe that's why these days of 'goodness' are so special.

Yes, I got the house clean.  Scored a great visit with old friends.  Met a new client who will be displaying my jewellery (more to come on that).  Walks in the sunshine with friends. Dinner - and cheesy bread - made.  Gotta love (and savour) these days.

Now it's off to relax in the remaining sun with my husband and daughter (and take the laundry off the line... check!).

I'll look back at this post on the days when all those pieces get dumped on my lap again .. and remember.. good.beautiful.giddy.joyful days do happen.  Often.  And I'm grateful.

[P.S... watch for my next post tonight - I'll show you the latest sewing project I did]

Well fed, and full up,
Mel :o)

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