D.I.Y upcycle earrings into better bling.. part 2.

 Hey there fashion mongers. You may remember a recent post I did about how to upcycle clip on earrings into funky brooches.  Well, another quirky fantastic blogger has inspired me with her version of upcycling: sweater clips!

 That's right... you take your clip on earrings.. add some chain and you can clip those cardigans all day.  I grabbed these navy.silver pairs yesterday at the big Value Village sale - scored the navy cardigan too.. woo hoo!

 So yes, big thanks go out to Kaylah of The Dainty Squid who posted a sweet tutorial on how to make sweater clips.. she's worth a gander for sure.

And yes, clips do help keep my cardigan wings from flying me up. up. and away!

Happy upcycling friends,
Mel :o)

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