'birthday blog' giveaway special!

No cats or toddlers were humiliated in the making of this cheesy picture.

 Happy birthday to meeeee.... means a giveaway for youuuu, cuz who doesn't like gifts?!  So yes, it's my big day, and I am thanking God for 31 years on this earth so far.  I thought a good way to celebrate would be to share my creations with one of you kind readers.  That is.. if the world hasn't ended due to the crazy 'prediction' mentioned from my last post.  Happy long weekend as well - it sure looks like a beauty!
Me at age 5(?)..... to me as a Maid of Honour...

Speaking of beauty... wasn't I a cutie?  I don't know what happened... between then and now.. there was a whole lot of acne... that's all i remember. ;o)

Anyways! Lets get to the good part already. Here's my giveaway special:
One lucky winner will get their choice of:

a) Either a red or yellow lil' hoot (#1)


b) Your choice of any two combinations of the other creations.
[i.e one pendant #2 - with one doily brooch #3 
or one baby tee #4 - with one clay wrist cuff #5
or mix and match another way!] 

But wait.. that's not all (cue cheesy infomercial voice).
You also get to have a print (read laser colour copy) of any one of my paintings that you choose.. and heck, I'll even autograph it for you... just cause I like you. 

All you have to do is...

a) Become a 'follower' of this blog [look up at the top bar of this post... next to the Blogger icon and white search box there is the "follow" option.  It won't hurt, I promise.  I won't sell your identity to the underworld either.

b) In light of the 'end of the world' theme of this date... leave a comment sharing a few things you would do IF it was your last day on earth.

That's it. That's all.
A winner will be picked and announced a week from today.

Happy my birthday. end of the world. long weekend everyone!

Creatively yours,
Mel :o)


  1. What a lovely giveaway!! Hmm, I actually had to decide what to do for my last day on Earth.... I think I'd spend it with family, eating lots of really good food!

    (Happy birthday!)

  2. I have been loving your posts and great craft ideas! I think I would have to say I would spend some time in prayer then spend the rest of the time sharing Christ with others. Happy Birthday the other "Mel B." :)

  3. Caleb and Jolene21 May 2011 at 09:00

      I love your blog, Mel!  Very inspiring!  If today was our last day on earth, I would spend the day loving up my daughters and eating lots of sushi.

  4.  Happy Birthday, Mel! What a sweet way to share your day with us. :)  If today was my last day on earth, I would spend it with my sweet family and we would go for a long walk and picnic by the lake. I would also call a few close friends that don't know the Lord and share with them one more time.

  5. Happy Day of Your Birth!  If today was my last day on earth I would most definitely spend it with family; listening to my kids giggles one more time, felling those tender kisses on my cheeks (wet noses, dirty faces and all), and their warm embraces that if I'm lucky sometimes linger just a little :-)...and who cold leave this earth without feeling the love and embrace of a wonderful husband and support system one more time: my Rock!

  6. happy happy birth day, Mel! what a sweet birthday giveaway from a sweet birthday girl!
    I wouldn't do anything different if it was my last day on earth: I'd snuggle with my puppydog & kittycat, say hello to friends, listen to the birds sing & walk about nature, perhaps bake something yummy, and play a game of Scrabble with my mom. Simple, but good.

  7. well I am just loving all these answers so far... good choices people! Thanks for stopping in.. and joining in.. on the birthday fun so far. :o)

  8.  If it were my last day on earth I think ... I'd drive up to Peterborough and hang out with the Inglises!  Happy Happy Birthday you silly girl!

  9. If it was my last on earth I would spend it at the beach with my puppy and my love fishing like the first day we met! Happy birthday! 

  10.  Mel! I LOVE your blog. Happy Birthday!! 
    If the world was to end yesterday, I'd buy a boxer puppy, name it Scout, ride a horse in a beautiful Alberta wheat field and eat a McChicken meal as Jesus takes me into the clouds!

  11. If the world was to end and I knew which day I would.... call all my friends and relatives that aren't saved and tell them the Gospel of Jesus Christ again. And probably spend what ever time left telling whom ever else I could find about the Gospel. 

  12. If it was my last day on earth I would take my friends and family to Australia using my transporting powers (I'm assuming if I have the ability to know it's my last day on earth, I also have other super special abilities) where we would scuba dive and chill on the beach.  We would order takeout - sushi from Japan, pizza from Italy and burgers from some real burger joint and we would end the day with a spectacular fireworks display and a bonfire where we would sing Kumbaiya. 

  13. I would have sex... apparently in Australia.

  14. baha.. here's a classic conversation of 'she said' ... 'he heard' of married couples! love it. love you guys. you crack me up. ;o)

  15. awwwes... teacher's pet! ;o)

  16. Hey Melissa!

    Thought-provoking question, though a bit depressing. I suppose spending it outdoors (hopefully the last day on earth would have good weather!), smelling the smells, breathing in the air. Baking cookies and eating them still hot with french vanilla ice cream.  Calling every person dear to me and letting them know how much they've meant to me and why. Spend exactly 10 minutes mourning (and if need be, crying) for what I did not get a chance to do. Reflecting on all the other wonderful things I did. Paint. Paint my little heart out. Sing really loud with the windows down in the car. Find a place with a great view and take in the last haunting moments as bravely as I can, while reading poetry aloud.

    Rebecca (flyingoddessAThotmailDOTcom) 

  17. Go to the post office and fill out a forwarding address card lol :)

  18. I would wake up at dawn, brew the best cup of cofffee, pack the car with food, cookware and blankets. Load the canoe (ok, I would probably get my husband to do that); strap our 2 year old in his carseat with his best friend dogo and head north to our favourite camping spot. We would canoe over to the island in the middle of the lake and spend our last day together absording nature and the sun, cooking over an open fire, and cloud watching while cuddling. Our last evening would be spent night swimming and then falling asleep under the stars....

  19. My last day? Hm, I would eat a jar of pickles, then hitch up our cats to a sleigh and ride them around the neighborhood.


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