when Blogger is your landlord...

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Sooo, as many of you already discovered... Blogger had a massive shut-down over that last 24hours.  They had to work out some bugs... and it looks to me like we're still needing a few more removed.  To be honest, it kind of felt like I was locked out of my own home.  You know, this is where I store my thoughts. my heart. my delights. my inspirations - and boom - they nail a 'no entrance' on my door.

I guess I was reminded that Blogger is my landlord.  I'm just another tenant. just another number. They gave me a free home, so I can't really complain if they stop in to renovate... but a little notice?!  I had just put up new 'wallpaper' and made it all lovely and fresh for spring... and then they came in and ripped it all down.
I'm giving them one more day to see if they remember to 'refresh' my new blog look... otherwise I guess I'll have to go back to doing it all over again.

So, stay tuned.  Once I trust that we're 'safe' and snuggled back in here with a cup of tea and warm conversation.. I'll bring the posts a-plenty.  Right now I'm still being a bit cautious for fear they'll change the locks again and leave me out on the curb in my 'jammers'!

Take care out there...and watch your back for now!
Mel :o)

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