D.I.Y upcycle your sheets ..into forts.

Morning friends!  I'm still in the middle of a busy.full.fun birthday weekend, but I wanted to share a quick d.i.y fun project for you all.

Recently I discovered my daughter making her first 'nest'.  She was stashing all her lil' stuffies and friends under our antique pew chairs.  I saw this as a fort in the making and draped our tablecloth over it... for a fun session of 'peek.a.boo' too!
It reminded me of how much I loved forts as a kid.  Who didn't right?  I remember having elaborate tunnels all around our basement with sheets - and you had to have the 'secret braided yarn necklace' to be granted access to the fort.  Fun times!  Can't wait to relive it with my daughter.

Anywho, for a really great way to upcycle those sheets. or leftover fabric. here's a fun way to make a 'playhouse.fort' for your kids:

Isn't that the sweetest thing?  I am eager to add this idea to the 'summer sewing projects' list.. and thought you may find it inspiring for your kids.your pets.yourself too.

Have a wonderful Sunday,
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Mel :o)

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