confessions [of an artist] part.2

Sooo, in case you hadn't already guessed - I am a colour-addict.  Throwing a colour deck in my direction is like throwing a steak to a hungry dog.  If I had a constellation of paint chips on my floor I would sit there like a happy child and play with colour combinations endlessly.

This obsession has been throughout my life.  Working at an art supply store [Cossars] as a teen, I would love stacking all the tubes of oil.acrylic.watercolour paint.  Working at Charlotte Paint - your Benjamin Moore store - I would get lost in the myriad of paint chips daily.  Working with various painters.interior decorators... well, a kid in a candy shop!  Working as the Arts Coordinator at a youth drop-in... I got to share that obsession with others.
Yes, every single job I have EVER had... has involved.used.cultivated this love of colour.  How great is that?

I was just asked to do a 'home colour consultation' for some folks again... which got me thinking about this passion lately.  

The above palette reflects not only my daughter's cuteness... but also the tones seen throughout our home.  Maybe I'll just do a colour tour of our nest sometime soon.
Colourfully yours,
Mel :o)

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  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! 
    you are not alone. I am color obsessed as well... as you saw over on my blog! I worked in a yarn shop for nearly 6 years where people were ecstatic to have my color assistance. 


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