mark your calendars - May 21st!

Hello friends.  Tomorrow is an exciting day.

1) It's the start of the long weekend! 
2) It's my 31st birthday.. woo hoo! 
3) According to some nut cases*... the world is going to end!
4) In light of #2 & #3.. I'm offering my first blog giveaway!!

That's right, if you're not 'stuck' relaxing at a cottage... or raptured.. you can check in on my 'birthday blog giveaway special' tomorrow.  One lucky winner will have their choice of some of my handmade creations!

Stay tuned,
a young 30.. Mel ;o)
*To clarify.. when I say 'nut cases' in #3.. I am simply distancing myself - a Jesus follower - from these people who are also under the far too misrepresented.blurred.watered down.hypocritical label of 'Christian'..  enough said.


  1. oooh! birthday goodness tomorrow!! It'll be a sunshiney beautiful day for you, my dear, to celebrate your happy day! and you know I'll be back to read your birthday post (and enter your giveaway, I'm sure!).
    p.s. I love that you put #3 in there, and with an addendum to boot. xox!

  2. hehe, thanks sweet Caren.. you're sweetness makes my day sunshiney no matter what! xo


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