Neighbourhood Watch.

There they are.  The furry sentinels.  Our neighbourhood watch-cats.  In fact, we recently enrolled Mewsli (left) and Tinderpuff (right) into the 'neighbourhood watch' program.  So far they are taking their jobs quite seriously.

Our daughter Azriel is also in training for this role of great responsibility.  So far she's a great encourager to the cats.... running to the window and exclaiming over their heads "Ooooh whazzz sthat?!"  .. or "burd".... or "hi-low" to every passerby.  If you drive.walk.bike.dance by our large picture window.. chances are you'll see one of these three faces pressed against the glass.

Sometimes the job gets stressful for these felines I'm sure... but Azi is always there to give a big hug (read 'choker hold) to the cats to keep their game face on.  You know, lying around all day in sunbeams, watching birds and people flit about... is challenging.

If all else fails (i.e.. the cats are distracted with food. or hot-boxing in their litter) and if Azriel is napping... we can always depend on the final watchmen - our lil' gnomie!  He merrily guards our house from his perch on the windowsill.. day in. day out.  And yes, he is riding a squirrel. 

We're watching you.
Smile (it confuses people).

Mel :o)

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