confessions [of a mama]. part 3.

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Yep.  So that pretty much summarizes my outlook on life most days.  But I was thinking this morning just how lame my eating habits would really be if not for my daughter.  You know how it is... if you're the only one home isn't it so much harder to think it's 'worth' putting together a good meal for yourself?  When my husband is home, sure, a great meal.  But on my own... it would likely be another peanut butter and nutella sandwich, thanks.

And here I am ... eating chocolate biscotti for breakfast - don't worry, a glass of milk too.  I have to eat it while my daughter has her morning nap.. or she'll come over like a hungry seagull and chirp 'coodie??'.  We even have to feed her a 'healthy' breakfast first... and wait till later to eat Corn Pops or some other such fluff.  This seems a bit ridiculous - we care for her health more than our own.  It was like that when I was pregnant too... eating way healthier - for the baby's sake, not my own.. sheesh.  

So what's your worst food confession?  I think the most ridiculous thing I ever ate out of laziness.apathy. was taking leftover stir fry.. and wrapping it in a pancake.  My husband - then boyfriend - thought that was pretty low... even for me.

Now, if you want some real inspiration for good eats check out these friends' yummy blog.

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Off to find something healthier to assuage my guilt now, 
Mel :o)

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  1. you are too funny!...hmmm...worst food confession??-- once my parents left for a date night, and we didn't have any snacks that were easy or quick.  so the four of us kids sat and watched tv dipping huge marshmellows into a peanut butter jar.  until we all started feeling sick.  Blah.  i feel gross just thinking about that!  


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