the giveaway winner is...

Today is the big day!  One lucky reader gets to take home some of my handmade creations.  Thanks to all of you who joined up with my blog, and to those of you who took the time to post some profound and priceless comments about what you would do if it was your 'last day'. I had a lot of fun doing this birthday blog giveaway contest. So without further ado...

 Yippee for Jolene!  My husband Ben was the name drawer from a bowl of all your names... so you can thank him for picking you.  :o)  Now all you have to do is e-mail me: needleandnestdesign@live.com or facebook me your mailing address... and which combination of prizes and painting print you want.  Woot.

I would love to mail you some sushi too based on your comment... better yet, I would love to share said sushi with you... MMmmMMMMmmmmm!

There you are friends, thanks for joining in on the fun, and stay tuned tomorrow for another edition of slide show sundays.
Nite nite,

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