Talking about A, B, Zzzzz's

How do you get your lil' ones to sleep?  Do you have bedtime routines?  We've been blessed with a daughter that generally loves to nap.sleep through the night (since around 3 months). Which is good.  Because I love sleep too.

Lately I've been starting a new routine with her when she isn't quite convinced she wants a nap.  I go and pick her up from the crib [side-note: she jumped out of it for the first time last week... ack!] and say 'want to do your alphabet?'.  Yes, I got this cute lil' alphabet set from ye ol' Dollarama and stuck it on her closet door.  So we go and say the letters and the critters.. and at some point [usually by 'F is for frog'] she blurts "bye bye" or "nite nite" and the thumb goes in.
I tuck her back in her crib.  ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.  It doesn't always work of course, but it's a cute moment from this nest nonetheless. ;o)

P.s.. has your kid[s] jumped from their crib?  Other than nailing pallets over them each night.... how'd you keep them secure? I know my girl just starts saying "mama mama mama" now when she wants out... I think she fears another tumble.
I could go for a nap today too, not sure why, lately it feels like a sumo driving a truck keeps backing up over me... weather-related?  I think so.  My blood is definitely solar-powered I find.

I think I'm rambling... bye for now!
Mel :o)

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