a house. a mouse. a clock.

Azriel and her Great Granny enjoy a read.
 Well it was 'family night Saturday' again.  Four generations squeezed in around a feast table of yummy food.  This time under a canopy of balloons to celebrate a couple birthdays in the crowd (my sis-in-law... and me - soon!).  One of my favorite parts of this evening is the chance to look out over Jackson park from my parent-in-laws kitchen window.  The rain had illuminated all the fresh bursting buds of green throughout the forest... and the air hung sweet and glowing around us.  I have always loved growing up around Jackson park.  I miss it so much now that we live in the south end.  Someday - if they don't continue to pave over it all - I will build a tree fort and live there. ;o)

Azriel and her Grandad enjoy that little piggie going 'wee wee wee' all the way home!
 Another favorite part of these Saturdays is witnessing the feast of love for our daughter.  For only a few more months she is the first.only grandchild.great grandchild to this family!  Translated: everyone stares transfixed at her for most of the evening - I call her the 'campfire' that we all gaze at in a love stupor.  Now, I don't want her to think the world revolves around her of course.. but for now, it's a sweet moment to witness the joy she brings to each 'nut' in her family tree.  We are also very eager for the soon coming cousin (August)!  Especially since they live in the same 'duplex' home as us!  Yeah babies!

Grandfather clock and Grandaughter.
The final favourite moment of these nights is what has now become a weekly tradition.  Azi and her Grandad wind up the antique Grandfather clock together.  This clock is a beauty.. in fact the joke is that my Pa-in-law would save it before his wife in a house fire.  I'm just amazed that its ancient and yet still runs perfectly due to weights that slowly let down over the week's time.  Then, true to form, Azi and Grandad wind it back up for another week.
I brought over the lil' cast iron mouse that now perches under the "6" on the clock... so they can act out the rhyme now too.  Such a sweet moment to savour.

Hoping you found a sweet spot in your saturday evening.
Did you snuggle in and listen to the rain?
Nite nite,
Mel :o)


  1. Janice Van Eck15 May 2011 at 00:15

     so cool to see 'great granny' and Justin (grandpa)!! love it!

  2. This is precious Mel. As a gramma, I can attest to the joy that those little ones bring. I'm so happy for your families! Keep building those wonderful traditions together.....

  3. aw, thanks Maureen... how old are yours? take care ;o)


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