confessions [of a Mel] part. 2.

 The day is winding down.  This dishes are done.  Last load of laundry on the line.  The windows are open to recieve the cool (finally!) night breeze.  I am reminded again of one of my 'dangerous' delights...  my confession: I love walking at night.  Mind you, I rarely do anymore.  Call it motherhood, or a protective husband... but it's rare, and I miss it.  I just love how dark and still the night air is.  I love how quiet and deserted the sidewalks are.  Sure, I live in the city, but the night helps blanket everything and everyone into stillness.  
I used to work late nights at a youth drop-in.  I would get to walk (or bike) home around midnight.  This was probably quite arrogant.stupid.reckless of me I know - and I would say that to any other female going home alone at that time - as my friends and family often said to me.  I guess I naively assumed that anyone who would attempt to 'jump' me would be someone I know from the drop-in centre... haha.  Anyways, I must confess.. I still miss night walking.  
These cool quiet nights keep calling me out to them.... but I think I'd rather tuck in here with my husband.
Nite night!
Mel :o)

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